We are pleased to introduce this range of rolls which are particularly suited to the workshop on building sites and educational establishments due to their robust construction and easy handling. Capacities: WSRN 01.1 - 1020 x 45mm x 0.80mm (ms) WSRN 02.1 - 1020 x 50mm x 1mm (ms) These are manually operated by a handcrank directly on the bottom roll. The working rolls are arranged asymmetrically spherically turned and held in place by maintenance free dry plain bearings. The top roll can be swung out towards the front, the clutch and gears are to the left so that even narrow pipes can be easily removed.

The top roll is locked by a closed blocking bearing (single handed operation) The bottom and back rolls can be adjusted from the right, outer side of the machine. The back roll advances via ratched lever and tooth segment. The settings can be easily reproduced via the sensitive tooth segment . The back roll can be tilted for conical rounding.

Optional extras available: Continuously adjustable back shaft via handwheel with positon indicator - Lock seam groove - Grooves for laying wires.

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